USAngling announces new Conservation Committee

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Tony Forte – President, USAngling

April 26, 2022:

USAngling announced today that they have formally created a Conservation Committee, appointing Ben Leal as the committee’s chairman.

Ben Leal is the Executive Director of a conservation organization called Recycled Fish, founded in 2004. Ben joined the organization in 2009 as the Tournament Director for the organization, organizing two tournaments that were a part of the On Ice Tour. In 2011 Ben took on the role of the Program Director, managing the On Ice Tour, the two tournaments, and programs that included the Stewardship Tips weekly email and the One Million Stewards effort. In 2016 Ben took over the organization and moved into the position of Executive Director.      ‘

“We are very excited to have a leading conservationist in Ben Leal on board with USAngling.” Says USAngling President, Tony Forte. “Conservation is one of the pillars of our mission statement’s three “C”s (Competition, Conservation, Community).  Ben will help guide our vision for conservation and help us execute initiatives and projects nationwide.”

Ben’s work in conservation has impacted the fishing industry throughout the Midwest through education and promoting stewardship of the waters used by anglers. By encouraging anglers to be selective in their harvest and practice catch and release, anglers are making a significant and positive impact on fisheries where populations of trophy fish exist. These practices help keep the genes of those unique fish in the fishery, preserving them for generations to come.

“I’m excited to take on this new role with US Angling,” said Leal. “Conservation has been a big part of my life for so many years, and our reach with the organization that I run has been somewhat limited. All the programs promoted and executed within Recycled Fish brought the conservation message to anglers, young and old alike. US Angling’s worldwide footprint will allow me to share my knowledge with a broader audience”.

“Conservation of our natural resources should be at the forefront of every outdoorsman and woman. It’s also our job to bring these practices to our youth, without whom we won’t have a sporting industry. They are the future of our sport, take care of the resources we have now and pass it on to them, so they have the same opportunities we did,” added Leal.

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