Memorandum of Understanding

U.S. Angling Confederation Memorandum of Understanding agreements:

U.S. Angling is proud to be America’s home for World Championship angling.  We are recognized as the sole U.S. representative to the Confederation International de la Peche Sportive (CIPS), the world sport fishing governing body as recognized by SportAccord.  CIPS is currently made up of 115 member nations representing over 50 Million competitive anglers.  It is made up of three divisions: Freshwater, Fly, and Saltwater Fishing.  These divisions are further broken down into various teams.  USAngling, has the privilege of representing all of these United States fishing teams.  At present there are a total of 13 Freshwater sports, 3 Fly Fishing sports, 17 Saltwater sports, and 1 Casting sport.