Fishing’s Future and USAngling Partner on “Family” Angling Education

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Fishing’s Future and USAngling Partner on “Family” Angling Education

Fishing’s Future and USAngling have joined forces to bring awareness and education to families across America about the joys found while fishing and about the greatest fishing honor an individual can achieve.  The honor of “Representing” the United States of America at international fishing competitions around the world.

Fishing’s Future was founded in 2007 to strengthen family bonds, reconnect families to nature, teach environmental stewardship, and increase participation in recreational angling. Fishing’s Future brings families closer together by teaching them the skills necessary to fish independently.  Research shows that when a family learns to fish together, they fish together.  Shane Wilson, Founder & CEO of Fishing’s Future, states, “Teaming up with USAngling is a Win-Win for both organizations. This partnership with USAngling is exciting, and our brands will fly high together.  We can achieve far more together than we can independently as our missions are parallel in nature.” Over the last 14 years, Fishing’s Future has educated well over a million individuals using the Fishing’s Future curriculum, and now all USAngling representatives will soon be certified FF Instructors.

“We look forward to working closely with Fishing’s Future to accomplish the critical work of sharing our love of competitive angling by engaging America’s youth, supporting conservation actions, and engagement with the local community,” said Michael Brand -USAngling Youth Committee Chair.

“Fishing’s Future is key in the strengthening of the USAngling Youth Education programs, as we search for best-in-class programs,” said Michael Brand. “Furthermore, youth will enjoy learning the art of fishing while strengthening family bonds, reconnecting to nature, and teach environmental stewardship.” Brand added.

Wilson smiles as he says, “Together we will Reestablish fishing as America’s #1 pastime.  As we come out of this pandemic, the timing is right as our families need this. Our society needs this. The industry needs this, and America needs this.  What better way to shape the next generation of anglers than to share with them that one day they could be fishing on the USAngling Fishing team representing America on the international circuit, talk about a dream.  Bring on the GOLD!”

About Fishing’s Future:

Fishing’s Future is a 501c3 non-profit, Corporation tax ID #20-8782271

Fishing’s Future Mission is to;

  • Reconnect youth to family and strengthen family relationships
  • Reconnect families to nature
  • Teach environmental stewardship and increase awareness of the protection
  • conservation and restoration of our nation’s aquatic natural resources
  • Increase participation in recreational angling

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About USAngling:

USAngling, a 501c3 charitable organization, provides leadership for USA National Fishing Teams as they compete worldwide, shares our love of competitive angling by engaging America’s youth, supports conservation actions, and interacts with the community.

USAngling is the sole U.S. representative to the Confederation International de la Peche Sportive (CIPS), the world sport fishing governing body as recognized by SportAccord. CIPS has 115 member nations representing over 50 Million competitive anglers in freshwater, fly, and saltwater fishing. USAngling has the privilege of representing all of these United States fishing sports teams. Currently, there are 13 freshwater sports, four fly fishing sports, 17 saltwater sports, and one casting sport.

USAngling’s mission centers around three principles:

Competition: Develop Sport Fishing teams to compete in the amateur world championship events.  Serve as host to the world and national championships and national qualifying events.

Conservation: Promote environmental stewardship, catch and release angling, responsible harvest initiatives, and natural resource management.

Community: Enrich local communities economically and socially by conducting fishing events, educating local fishing clubs, and executing regional outdoor initiatives.

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