Code of Conduct

The coaching staff and managers of Team USA Youth expect these rules to be followed during  the practice/tryout/clinic/competition/championship/tournament. Any violation of the following code  may result in immediate dismissal from the practice/tryout/clinic/competition/championship/tournament  and /or the team.  

Participation with the USYFFT is an honor and a privilege. This comes with the expectation of  behavior which is in accordance with being an ambassador of your community and country. An angler's  continuance with the US Youth Fly Fishing Team depends not only upon his or her fishing performance  but also on his or her conduct.  

Please sign the bottom of this one page as acknowledgment of reading, understanding and  agreeing to abide by this code. You must return this page either by scanning and emailing, or mailing it  through the postal service, to the Team Secretary. 

  • Zero tolerance policy on alcohol and illegal drug use and/or possession.
  • Zero tolerance policy on criminal activity.
  • Members of Team USA Youth, as well as those who are working towards a position on the team, have a responsibility to act appropriately when speaking, writing and using email and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others). It is expected that you will act with integrity and courtesy when dealing with reporters, journalists, sponsors, and when having photographs or videos taken. Your words and images are seen worldwide and reflect on your maturity and the reputation of Team USA Youth. It is expected that everyone acts with the best intentions and to the highest standards.  
  • Personal vehicles are permitted to licensed drivers.  
  • A “no tobacco use” policy is in force at all times. 
  • Lost and found articles are to be turned into staff immediately. 
  • Team USA Youth is co-ed; modest clothing and behavior is expected. 
  • All injuries are to be reported to the staff immediately. No injuries are considered insignificant. 

I, the undersigned, have read the above Rules of Conduct set forth by the US Youth Fly Fishing Team and I agree to abide by said rules. I fully understand that violation of these rules may result in my dismissal  from the practice/tryout/clinic/championship/tournament. I further understand that dismissal from the  practice/tryout/clinic/championship/tournament may result in my forfeiture of any future position on  Team USA Youth.